All You Ever Wanted to Know About Dental Implants

    dental implant overdenture

    Whether or not people realize it, dental implants are the latest rage in dental technologies. We are not talking about dentures, but about dental implants. What exactly are they? How do dental implants interact with dentures? Why are people choosing to get them? These and many more questions about this relatively new dental innovation are answered in this article. Also covered are details about where to go in your area for more information and to access qualified dental experts in your area.


    What Are Dental Implants and Why Are They Good?

    There is a plethora of information on dental implants, all of which is important to know. To start with, here is a simple explanation. It is basically a single device, or a set of devices, that is surgically implanted into someone’s mouth. This device is most commonly comprised of titanium screw-like parts and is designed to replace the roots of your teeth. They typically are utilized in conjunction with false teeth and are secured to your mouth by these titanium roots. With the proper care, these implants offer a much more secure set of replacement teeth than getting only the dentures.

    That last statement segues into why people are choosing these instead of only dentures – the security factor. People are just plain tired of having their dentures come loose at the most inopportune times. They are also fed up with the paste-like glues needed to fasten dentures into their mouths. The implants are also very sturdy and do not chip or break as long as they are properly cared for. Dental implants are permanent, fixed devices that stay put once inserted. No more embarrassing moments and no more worries.


    Who Inserts Dental Implants?

    It is equally important to know who to go to when you decide upon the implants. In theory the implant surgery can be done by any dentist who is licensed. In actuality though, because this surgery involves the jawbone, it is wise to have an oral surgeon or a periodontist specialist at least as an authority to turn to. This oral surgery is usually performed once the patient has followed specific care standards and the procedure is determined to be in his or her best interest. Read the rest of this article so that you are able to make an informed decision on who to select.


    What Types of Dental Implants Are There?

    At first there were two types of implants: One type that is inserted into the bone is called an endosteal. Subperiosteal dental implants are the other type and are attached beneath the patient’s gum tissue, yet rest above the jawbone. Out of the two of those, only the first option is still in use. Bearing in mind the primary purpose of implants, the endosteal type has been thought to be the better choice for teeth replacement. They provide the most stability. It is also possible to get dental mini-implants. These are smaller than their larger counterparts and are

    often used when a temporary fixed-tooth option is called for. More information on the mini-implants is available on the Internet.

    Something that is crucial to know when deciding what type of dental implants to get is whether or not the tooth loss is because of either decay or gum disease. The person who will perform the surgery must be informed of this in order to determine the best way to proceed. There is an option available for these patients known as the “All-On-4” technique. Your own dental expert ought to be able to explain this to you in depth.


    Do You Need Dental Implants?

    When does it become necessary to get dental implants? Whether or not you have teeth missing and how many will help your dentist and yourself decide how to proceed. Following this, you must figure out of you want dentures, bridges, or crowns. The main benefit of having the implants is that they support a bite that is healthy as well as preventing further deterioration of jawbones. The implants assist in keeping the artificial teeth in place. As we discussed earlier, there are many vital reasons to do this.

    dental implantsThere are other critical determinations as to whether or not to get implants, such as those of cosmetic reasons. Is your face starting to have a sunken-in look to it? Are you experiencing bone loss around the jaw area? Do you have any broken teeth? Do you have dentures that are fitting too loosely? These are all questions you must answer honestly in a discussion with your own dentist. Surely you can trust him or her to steer you in the right direction.

    In addition to these factors, price can enter into the equation. While you are consulting with your dental expert, he or she will be able to give you an approximate price estimate. The bottom line will be in accordance with the type of implants you need, plus how much work will go into the project. Of course, the answers to these questions will be directly affected by the answers to the other questions we spoke of in this section. If you find yourself needing to stick to a budget, the person who will perform your surgery, and the maker of your implants,should be able to work out financing details with you.


    Dental Bridge or Implant?

    What is a dental bridge? There are some instances where a bridge is better than an implant. For example, instead of replacing a single tooth with an implant, a bridge will use the teeth surrounding a missing tooth space as support. With this, a crown is attached to replace the tooth that is gone. This is a fine option if you only have one or two missing teeth. However, it must be noted that a bridge will not replace the roots of those teeth. Some experts consider a bridge to be less invasive than an implant. Yet others will swear bridges are more invasive. Allow your own dentist to guide you in choosing which one is better for you.

    The image included here will show you what a bridge would look like. Now you can make a comparison to the image of the implants.


    Are Dental Implants Safe?

    According to experts in the dental world, the implants are indeed safe. The titanium ones tend to be more popular, but there are alternatives to them. If you are facing the possibility of needing a bone graft, there may be some concerns as to whether or not implants are feasible.

    However that is not a safety issue, but more of a medical one. There are oodles of benefits to getting implants.

    It is widely agreed upon by both, professionals and patients, that implants can be discomforting yet not really painful. Keep in mind that the procedure to insert these is surgery. Therefore, the surgery itself may yield a little pain. The implants themselves ought to feel quite comfortable. As with any other type of surgery, the patient will be asleep during the actual procedure. It is common for dental implants to last upwards of 25 years. Of course it is imperative to follow the instructions for their care to the letter. As long as you do that, there is no reason they should not last for ions.


    Who Are the Best Makers of Implants?

    Now that you know more about these, you might be wondering this. There are many factors that go into this answer. We can tell you of several notable ones. In random order they include Zimmer Biomet, Strauman, BioHorizons, Nobel Biocare, and Dentsply Sirona. These and others can be researched if you do an inquiry on your favorite search engine. YOUR dental expert is well-qualified to advise you of whom he or she thinks is the best one to use. Remember, this is YOUR mouth. Do not be afraid to ask your dental person a lot of questions. You can also find reviews of the various implant makers. If possible, request a list of references from your dentist and follow up with them.


    Finding the Right Dental Implant Surgeon

    So how do you go about finding the right dental expert to do your implant surgery? Do your homework. Once again; ask plenty of questions, get references, read reviews. An ordinary dentist may not be who you are looking for here. You want one that has the proper credentials and scores of experience. A lot depends upon what you want to get from your implants. Why do you need them? What can you expect from them? Knowing this will help determine who should be your surgeon of choice. Even if your own dentist is not qualified to do this, he or she should be able to recommend somebody who is. Do not be satisfied with talking to one professional. Visit several prospective clinics if you need to. You must be comfortable with whomever you choose.


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    On this website you will find plenty of helpful information to apply to your decision on the best path to take for your dental implants. You will also see how qualified these professionals are when it comes to this procedure. Even other dental groups can take a page from this site and improve their own knowledge. If you do decide to make California Dental Group Riverside your facility of choice, this site details the financing options they have available. Do make it a point to visit their website.